Demonstrators will hold a vigil for 93 dogs illegally gassed

Seneca County's, Black Diamond Kennels. One of the surviving dogs.

Tune into 10:00 News on CW 6 and join the conversation with Matt Mulcahy, Lisa Spitz and Michael Benny for the Talk@10. A group of animal lovers and supporters is planning a demonstration in the wake of the $300 fine a judge handed down to a Romulus dog kennel owner who illegally gassed 93 dogs and puppies. The "Procession of Sorrow" is scheduled for Saturday, October 16th at 3:00 pm. It will begin at the Beverly Animal Shelter in Waterloo. Organizers say a motorcade will pass several kennels or puppy mills in the area including the Black Diamond Kennels in Romulus. After the processional there will be a vigil. Organizers are calling this a peaceful protest. It will come three weeks after a Town of Romulus justice sentenced David Yoder to the $300 fine and $205 surcharge for the illegal destruction of dogs. USDA inspectors discovered that Yoder had used a whelping box to gather five or six animals at a time. He then attached the exhaust hose from a small generator. The animals were left in the box for five or six minutes before Yoder would return to check on whether they were alive. Gassing dogs with exhaust is specifically prohibited by New York State Law. This is what the Beverly Animal Shelter in Waterloo is saying on its website about the case at the Black Diamond Kennels in Romulus: "David Yoder was arrested and fined 300 dollars for gassing hisbreeding dogs in his home made gas chamber . He had a 205 dollar courtsurcharge as well to pay. Dogs sold in petstores from breeders makethe breeder more than this per dog. Yet when the dogs needed help, hegassed them." "That is nothing more than a slap on the wrist for abusing and killingmany, many dogs. The USDA said 93 dogs and the Sheriff's Dept said inthe 70's. Why is there a difference in the numbers? The Sheriff's Depttold several of us that you can not believe everything you read in thepapers or the USDA Investigation reports when we questioned what hadbeen reported by the USDA." "Who do we believe? The Sheriff's Dept? Do we believe the USDAinvestigation report? We should be able to believe both of them but itappears that is not the case. Why does the Sheriff's Dept feel theyknow more than the USDA Investigator that was there, wrote the reportand was familiar with David Yoder? I guess because they investigatedit after it broke to the media? But then as far as we know the USDAonly warned David Yoder. No one from the USDA has come forwardindicating they have done any thing more than warn him. Where is theconcern for the animals??" More coverage from about the Seneca County Kennel story. Here is the latest Matt's Memo blog about the $5.43 per dog fine assessed by the Town of Romulus court.