Florida school district bans cheerleading uniforms during school hours

Several schools in one Florida district are banning their own cheerleading uniforms during school hours in an effort to enforce student dress codes.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, several Pinellas County schools are restricting or banning school issued cheerleading uniforms during classroom hours because the sleeveless tops and short skirts donâ??t follow the dress code. In previous years, the uniforms were worn in school on game days during football season.

The ban has some parents upset. One parent told the Tampa Bay Times, â??If it's an approved school uniform â?? which it was approved, by the administration, years ago â?? why is it out of dress code?"

The principle of one school said letting the girls wear their uniforms creates a double standard. The districtâ??s dress code requires that shirts have sleeves and skirts fall to at least mid-thigh, reports the Florida paper.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, the principle says he is working with the cheerleading team to find a compromise. Before this school year started, his administration asked the girls to order special jackets to cover their arms. As for the skirts, he is considering ordering track pants. Meanwhile, the cheerleading coach told some parents they could order Velcro attachments to lengthen the skirts.