Goodwill provides jobs to some with barriers to the traditional workforce

Ever wonder what happens with the money raised from your donations to goodwill?

Goodwill works to provide jobs for those who may find it hard to work in a traditional setting.

Dave Janick, vice president of industrial services for Goodwill Industries in Kansas, says they have a lot of contracts that they maintain to try to help provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities or other barriers to the traditional workforce.

They manufacture vests for lots of local organizations such as the Kansas Turnpike Authority, Kansas Department of Transportation, and local construction companies.

Shannon Lee Palmer has worked in the sewing department for about four years.

â??If the job requires three people to work on it as an example, I might have five or six, because what I am doing is meeting my mission to provide job opportunities,â?? says Palmer. â??The plus side is that we've made some opportunities to folks that if they were not working here they would likely not have an opportunity to be working anywhere else in the community.â??

(Information courtesy NBC News)