Matt's Memo: Prison Time for Liverpool Teen Who Drank Four Loko in Drunk Driving Crash

Chelsea Kuss cries during her apology to the court.

What does a killer look like? This one was handcuffed and escorted from the courtroom by armed officers taking her away to serve 3 and a half to ten years in New York State Prison. This killer wears stylish glasses, a plaid scarf and make-up fitting for an 18 year old who should be enjoying the best times of her life.

Chelsea Kuss admitted to the court she's responsible for the death of her friend last May. She was not armed with a gun or a knife. She was riding in her weapon - an SUV travelling between 80 and 90 miles per hour. It darted in and out of traffic passing cars on a two lane highway where its always risky to pick a spot to cross the broken yellow line and dare to avoid oncoming traffic.

Chelsea and Victoria Deverso had enjoyed the sunny spring day. They skipped school. They drank Four Loko at Sylvan Beach. Their cell rang. Parents had found out they were not in school and told them to get home. Kuss had three cans of that combination alcohol and energy drink. She wove in and out of traffic. Peggy Blume saw her coming and pulled her mini-van to the shoulder to avoid being hit. Kuss lost control and rammed into her anyway.

Blume was fortunate to survive, but has endured surgery after surgery to repair countless broken bones. The collision killed Deverso. Her friend driving drunk killed her. Some friends of the family say a prison term is too severe. A simple way to change the perspective on the case is to switch the weapon to a handgun instead of a speeding vehicle. The weapon looks different, but the result is just as deadly.

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