Police ID woman struck by freight train while reportedly looking down at her phone

Police conduct an investigation after a train struck a pedestrian in Beaverton at Southwest Lombard and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway on Thursday. (Photo: Chopper 2/KATU News)

A 26-year-old woman was struck by a freight train Thursday while looking down at her phone, police say.

"The officers took quick action applied tourniquets and then she was transported via ambulance," said Mike Rowe, public information officer for Beaverton Police.

Rowe said Cindy Rodriguez, of Beaverton, suffered serious injuries. Rodriguez was still undergoing treatment Friday morning, per the latest update from police.

The incident happened at Southwest Lombard and Beaverton Hillsdale Highway at about 3:30 p.m.

Police say witnesses told them that the woman was crossing in a crosswalk against the train safety arms with their lights on. They said they could clearly hear the train's horn.

According to a report on the investigation, all warning devices around the tracks were active, including crossing arms, flashing lights and train horn. Additionally, the report said the conductor was on the engine walkway yelling to get Rodriguez's attention.

"That particular train we hear two or three times a day. It's really loud, so I feel for her, I hope she's okay," said Logan Gregory

Gregory lives near the intersection and crosses that area at least two times a week. She says she's always aware of her surroundings.

"I look everywhere three times before I cross the train tracks or the street," said Gregory.

“It’s a very tragic incident, but we also want to take this opportunity to remind people that you got to have your head on swivel, you got to have your head up, you got to be listening to what’s going on, and that’s one of the problems with having our entire life and all kinds of things at our disposal in our hand here, is that we get distracted," said Rowe.


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