Therapy dog gets a prosthetic paw

An up-and-coming therapy dog is turning heads and stealing hearts.

The 11-week-old Golden Retriever is training to help people going through rehab, and she has a very special trait that's making her a unique fit for the job.

However, there's something different about Lily; she's missing a paw.

"I really wanted to get a pet that could work alongside me that could help my patients. She did seem like the perfect choice," explains occupational therapist Heather Mullin.

It was a complication during her birth and Mullin is hoping to turn it into something positive for her patients.

"We actually get many people like that who had amputations for multiple reasons and are learning to walk on prosthetics,â?? says Mullin.

On Wednesday, technicians fitted Lily for her very own prosthetic paw.

But they believe the new paw will make this pup a special asset to the group, because, Mullins says, â??people can relate to her by seeing her disability and seeing how happy she is."

But ultimately it is for Lily to decide if she wants to wear it.

They're hoping to get the final prosthetic paw for Lily next week and will start her official training to be a therapy dog when she turns 6-months-old.

(Information courtesy NBC News)