Tony Dungy incites controversy with comments about NFL's first openly gay player

Former Indianapolis Colts coach and current NBC NFL analyst Tony Dungy has come under fire in the past 24 hours for comments he made in an interview with the Tampa Bay Tribune about Michael Sam. Sam is the NFLâ??s first openly gay player, and Dungy said he would not have drafted Sam.

â??I wouldnâ??t have taken him. Not because I donâ??t believe Michael Sam should have a chance to play, but I wouldnâ??t want to deal with all of it,â?? said Dungy. â??Itâ??s not going to be totally smooth â?¦ things will happen.â??

Since then, a media storm has hit the former coach, with the general consensus being that he messed up by making the statement.

Tuesday afternoon, Dungy tried to clarify his statement, telling ESPN, â??I do not believe Michael's sexual orientation will be a distraction to his teammates or his organization. I do, however, believe that the media attention that comes with it will be a distraction.â??

Dungy called his response to the original question an â??honest answerâ??, and that those comments came after he heard about the reality show that was going to chronicle Samâ??s attempt to make an NFL roster.

The internet has largely chastised Dungy for his comments. He says, basically, that the quote was taken out of context, and that he was responding to a follow-up question about the potential media circus surrounding Sam.

What do you think about Dungyâ??s comments?

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