Twelve witnesses give testimony of the impact of losing their loved ones in Fort Hood Shooting

Nidal Hasan

Following the conviction of Maj. Nidal Hasan last week, the government presented twelve witnesses during the sentencing phase.

Two victims took the stand for a second time. This time describing the impact the shooting had on their lives.

According to the government, Staff Sgt. Patrick Ziegler Jr. returned early from his deployment to Fort Hood so that he could complete officer candidate school as an armor officer. He is now paralyzed on his left side and has lost 20 percent of his brain.

Pfc. Mick Engnehl, who was also enlisted and stationed at Fort Hood at the time of the shooting, was shot twice. After a partial recovery from his injuries, he has been medically discharged and is unable to find work.

The government says ten family members and coworkers of soldiers killed also testified. Widows, parents, and fellow soldiers gave testimonies of the losses they and their families have suffered as a result of the murder of their loved ones.

More testimony on the impact of the shooting on family and loved ones of the victims continues this afternoon.

Hasan was unanimously convicted of 13 charges of premeditated murder and 32 charges of attempted premeditated murder.