Who is stronger, men or women?

Itâ??s an age-old argument: Who is stronger, men or women?

Groundbreaking new research gives the edge to women.

According to the study by Dr. Doris Taylor and her research team at the Texas Heart Institute, women are stronger than men in several key ways.

The team looked at the makeup of men and women, from their stem cells to their hearts, and found that women have men beat in almost every way. Women appear to be built better from the ground up.

"There's a difference in the underlying structure of every organ, blood vessels, liver, kidney, lungs,â?? Dr. Taylor told KPRC in Houston.

Dr. Taylor looked at male and female pig hearts, which are nearly identical to humanâ??s hearts, and found that the female heart was generally smaller and more toned. The male heartâ?¦not so much.

"It's like a giant blob,â?? Dr. Taylor says. "It's like a sock. It's like an old bad sock."

When it comes to stem cells, the bodyâ??s repair system, the difference was staggering. Women have more stem cells and they last longer.

Dr. Taylor wants to harvest these super cells and inject them into people suffering from heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and more, to hopefully cure them.

"The goal now is to not just make it 10 percent better, but make it 80 percent better and I'm betting on female cells for that,â?? Dr. Taylor says.