Cat rescued after stuck in tree for days

"Anna" after her rescue on Monday's story on a local cat's predicament brought help, and a rescue from a volunteer whose sister called him after reading the original article below.

Guy Marl is an unemployed arborist, but he still has his tree-climbing gear. Monday morning he climbed a 65 foot tall tree in the Shadybrook Trailer Park, across from Rolling Wheels, in Weedsport. He took a can of cat food and a pillowcase, because he says he knows the treat will keep cats from running out onto tree limbs.

Marl said "Anna" was ravenously hungry, and came right to him. He slipped her into a pillowcase and started climbing down, but not before getting scratched on the neck.

"Yeah, I feel sorry for 'em, I guess," says Marl, who says he has rescued four other cats from trees. "When you see a little kid missing his cat... it makes me feel good."

Four-year-old Chad Fisher had few words for us, but is thrilled to have his pet back. He opened the door that let Anna get out, and has spent the past five days under the tree, looking up with binoculars. Chad's mother, Linda Fisher, had Anna tucked in her coat while talking to her neighbors and friends about the rescue.

Linda also drove to Ramsdell Elementary School in Jordan, where her ten-year-old daughter came out briefly to see her pet again. Fisher says she had called 'everybody' - the Jordan Fire Department, the local Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), and more - and received no help. An animal rescue company wanted $600 for the rescue, which she says she could not afford. She says she plans to do 'something' for Marl, even though he did not want anything. After high-fiving Chad, he drove off to his morning errands. Fisher says she'll make sure that Anna does not get outside again.

Original Story:

A cat stuck sixty feet up in a tree is crying for help, but so far no one's been willing to do anything about it.

Residents of the Shadybrook Trailer Park on Route 5, across from Rolling Wheels in Elbridge, say they've been calling but have been turned down by the fire department, the SPCA, and police agencies.

Mary Phillips says the one-year-old gray and white cat is in a tree behind her home on Oakleaf Drive. She says a four-year-old child let it out of his home accidentally four days ago, and the boy has been standing below with binoculars, but cannot call it down.

Anyone who can help the cat get down can call Phillips at 689-7602.