Dispute forces Godsmack concert to move from Watertown

The baseball field at Alex Duffy Fairgrounds / photo: City of Watertown

A dispute over a Godsmack rock concert has forced the promoter to move it to a new location.

AMP Entertainment announced Thursday morning that the August 20th concert will be held at the Can-Am Motorsports Park in LaFargeville, New York.

According to a press release, "The concert with Godsmack has become a burden on resources for the city of Watertown due to logistical, security and crowd control. To help alleviate these concerns, AMP Entertainment and Godsmack would like to announce that they are moving the concert to Can-Am Motorsports Park."

The release says the motorsports park has the capability of handling an "event of this magnitude."

As CNY Central reported on Tuesday, promoter Sebby Abbate and Watertown city officials were at odds over the use of a baseball park at Alex Duffy Fairgrounds. City leaders were concerned about providing safety, security, adequate bathroom facilities and potential damage to the ballpark. As a result, the city was holding up a permit for the concert.

Some Godsmack fans felt the city was discriminating against them and their taste in music. In a comment left on, Sonja Michael said "What Bull!!!! What is wrong with you City Hall People! I am a normal girl and don`t Drink and I am a huge fan of Godsmack. So what the hell is your problem? Me and my disabled son are looking FWD to see Godsmack IN WATERTOWN!! You let all these other bands perform.. But oh my God it is Godsmack and you have a problem!!"

Another commenter added "I just bought my husband and I two tickets for 100.00 and already got them in the mail...come on for god's sake...make your minds up...I am sick of the controversy...just because of the type of music they play? Sell beer at a christian concert and you will still have problems...easy take away the right to drink alcohol...we would still go regardless...we are going to see the concert not drink ourselves stupid...and if other people don't agree with having a dry concert they can go to a bar and start fights..."

Mayor Jeffrey Graham denied the claim.

Do you think this move will be a benefit to concertgoers? Or should the concert have remained at the fairgrounds? Leave a comment below and tell us what you think.