Election Day arrives: Matt's Memo

Even if you are sick and tired of the negative advertising it is time to set it all aside to cast your ballot on Election Day. Saying you don't have time is not a valid excuse. The polls open at 6:00 am and close at 9:00 pm. That's 15 hours of opportunity to stop for 15 minutes in a spot within a couple of miles from your home.

You can vote for president, congressional representative, state representatives, judges and other localized races. Or you can vote for a few of the many choices. You may feel your one vote doesn't have any impact. They all count. Ask Dan Maffei about two years ago. Ask the town judge who loses or wins by two or three votes. Ask a member of the state senate who might win or lose by a narrow margin tilting the balance of power in that side of the legislature.

The candidates may not inspire you, but they will represent your interests. Therefore it's in your interest to pick the one most aligned with your beliefs about the direction of the community, state and nation.

I've always found Election Day to be one filled with anticipation and excitement. That is partly because the day includes lengthy live broadcasting. On this presidential year the results oriented evening promises great drama. Cast your ballot. Celebrate the democratic process. Then sit home and watch the returns come in on television, online and on your smartphone. Interact and engage. Everyone's better off when more of us are involved.

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