Manlius mayor charged again for taking recyclables from bins

Mark-Paul Serafin / file photo


A supporting deposition from homeowner Timothy McGinnis says McGinnis did not give Mark-Paul Serafin permission to take any recyclables and he wants Serafin prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

According to the police report, Serafin admitted to Manlius Police that he took a large Pepsi bottle from the bin.

At Tuesday TMs schedules Village Board meeting, a representative for the code enforcement office confirmed that their office has been looking into whether or not a boat in front of McGinnis TM house violates codes.

Neighbors in Manlius were surprised to hear that Serafin had been charged again. Some said they thought Serafin was being targeted but others said the charge was necessary.

"I think it's wrong. It's something the village and town are supposed to be doing and I think they count on the income from it," said Jerry Case.

I would think when you have your knuckles rapped the first time you wouldn't do same thing again - especially if you know it's still the way your not supposed to do something, said Michael McCabe.

Mark-Paul Serafin is scheduled to appear in town of Manlius court on November 4th to address the recent charge. The case could be moved. Serafin TMs other case was moved to the Town of Dewitt to avoid any potential conflicts of interest

Previous information:

The Mayor of Manlius has been accused again of taking bottles and cans out of recycling bins, which is a violation of a local Manlius village law.

Mark-Paul Serafin received a summons from police on Thursday, October 21st. This is the second time he has been charged with violating local law 60-8f. The first charge came on September 22nd.

When reached at home Mayor Serafin said, "I am taking the advice from my attorney and cannot tell the story." He referred further questions to defense attorney Tom Cerio. Cerio confirmed that he has talked with Manlius Police and the Village Court about the second summons. In a statement to police Serafin admitted to the act. He said, "I took a large Pepsi bottle out of the bin."

The more recent charge has a court date set for November 4th in Manlius Village Court, however the initial charge has been moved to Town of Dewitt Court on November 3rd due to a potential conflict of interests with judges in Manlius who work in the same building with the mayor.

In September, Mayor Serafin said he started collecting cans and bottles some ten years ago as a way to cut into the problem of litter. He then started using the deposit money to help care for his ailing Labrador who passed away this past July.

Serafin said he did not know until recently that collecting cans and bottles was a violation of village code. He believes a political opponent decided to alert police that the mayor may have been doing something outside of the law. "Someone took a shot at me. They filed a complaint. They brought the code to the police department," explained Serafin.

In September the mayor said he would no longer collect recyclables. "It's embarassing. I don't want to do anything that purposely flies in the face of the laws and regulations of the Village of Manlius. It's not my intent," said Serafin.

Despite that promise, the Mayor has now been accused again. He could face a fine of $250 or 15 days in jail as a maximum sentence.