Mayoral forum: revitalizing Downtown Syracuse

Plenty of people are gearing up for primary day. Tuesday night, the candidates for Mayor of Syracuse attended a forum at the Hotel Syracuse addressing how they would revitalize the city.

The one area neighbors want to see fixed is the city's economy. Of all the topics on the table to choose from, a forum addressing Downtown Syracuse sparked the most conversation on bringing in new business.

Donna Stoner says, "Try and coordinate some of the economic activity that already exists. The incentives, the dis-incentives and get some of the barriers out of the way so we can see results."

Organizers at Tuesday night's forum divided the more than 150 who came into four groups:

1) Economic Development2) Crime and Safety3) Arts and Aesthetics4) Parking and Transportation

When asked to come up with two questions for the six mayoral candidates to answer, almost everyone had their expectations for answers.

Stephen Mosher says, "Lighting downtown. More lighting means people who are criminal or have unscrupulous intentions will stay away."

Rachel May says, "I may be the only person who biked down to this event tonight so bicycling is a big issue for me. I would like to see more people riding bikes and I'd like to see the city streets designed better for bicycle use."

O ne thing everyone agrees on , a decision needs to be made on Interstate 81. The consensus: tear it down.