Rep. Arcuri is running for reelection, but it won't be easy

Richard Hanna

Monday afternoon, Congressman Mike Arcuri announced he is running for re-election in the 24th Congressional district.

After delaying his announcement, Congressman Arcuri said he'd like to keep his seat in Congress representing the 11 counties in the 24th Congressional district. He said he's had to make some hard decisions during his time in Congress, but this campaign will be all about looking forward.

Rep. Arcuri said, "We need to be positive and talk about our vision for the future. To me, that is what I think is most important. It's not about what's wrong. It's about what are our plans, our vision for the future, what can our area be."

Rep. Arcuri's vote against health care reform has drawn some criticism, but he stands behind his decisions. He said, "All I can do is evaluate the issues in a way that is best for my district and that's what I did on healthcare."

His opponent, Republican Richard Hanna said, "The contrast between the two of us couldn't be greater."

Hanna says his years as a business owner have given him valuable experience he'd bring to Congress. "We need people who aren't invested in their future but invested in our future, the future of this community."

Hanna said a lot has changed since his narrow loss to Rep. Arcuri in 2008. "I have the energy and enthusiasm of the party behind me and people think there is a possibility here. Hopefully it's because the reasons are right, it's not about winning or losing, It's about doing something bigger than yourself in life."

The 24th district has been named as one of the top districts that could switch from Democrat to Republican this Novermber.