Some same-sex couples won't have to wait to get married

The same-sex marriage law takes effect in New York state on Sunday and some couples aren't waiting until Monday.

The Syracuse city clerk's office, located at city hall, will be open on Sunday from 10 am until 2 pm for people looking to get a marriage license.

People must have a government ID with a birth date. If there was a previous marriage, they must present divorce papers or a death certificate. The fee is $40 and must be paid with a check or cash only.

While there is a 24-hour waiting period to get married, some couples are looking to waiver that so they can get married on Sunday. Syracuse city court will be open until noon on Sunday.

"We have two requests so far and I expect to do both of those at 11," State Supreme Court Judge Jim Tormey said. "Judge Dougherty is going to do one and I'm going to do the other. "If other people decide at the last minute they want to take an opportunity to present the affidavit to the court, I'll be available."

In this case, to get a waiver, there has to be an "overwhelming public interest" to waive the waiting period.

"It could be possibly the fact the the couple has been together for 18 or 20 years," Judge Tormey said. "They may have adopted children, they may want to celebrate the fact they've had this political victory."

The courts will not stay open extra hours so that taxpayers don't have to pay for overtime.

"We've laid people off, we're all suffering as taxpayers on all levels," Judge Tormey said.

Couples interested in getting the waiver after the court closes at noon, will be able to get in touch with the judge out of court.