Update: Buerkle takes the lead in the 25th Congressional


Republican candidate Ann Marie Buerkle has taken the lead in the 25th Congressional race.

New numbers from Wayne County shows Buerkle with 99,594 votes. Democratic incumbent Dan Maffei has 98,935.

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Ann Marie Buerkle held a news conference at 3:30pm Wednesday afternoon to say the race is still alive.

After thanking her supporters, Buerkle said, "this campaign is not over--it's not over by a long shot."

She pointed out that ballots are still being counted in the 25th Congressional District and said, "i'm confident we will be the victor."

She refused to take questions from reporters.

Wednesday afternoon:

The day after the election, all eyes are on Wayne County in the race for the 25th Congressional District.

Incumbant Democrat Dan Maffei holds a slim lead over Republican challenger Ann Marie Buerkle, but because of a reporting problem at the Wayne County Board of Elections, results are still being tabulated that could make a close race even closer. Either way, it appears the winner will be decided by absentee ballots.

After the polls closed Tuesday night, Maffei was leading by a vote of 95,286 to Buerkle's 93,090, a margin of 2196 votes. But sources tell CNY Central's Jim Kenyon, that 26 districts in Wayne County remain uncounted. Deputy Elections Commissioner Joyce Krebbeks says there were "no problems with the machines, but with inspectors reporting the tapes" from the voting machines. Krebbeks says the county is "under a court order" and has secured the voting machines. By 4:00 Wednesday afternoon, Krebbeks expects to release the unofficial vote tally in the 25th Congressional District.

Since Buerkle seems to have an advantage among voters in Wayne County, Onondaga County Republican Chairman Tom Dadey expects the 2196 margin enjoyed by Maffei to diminish.

More than likely, the final outcome will be decided by absentee ballots which will be counted later this month. The Boards of Election in the four counties encompassed in the 25th District, Onondaga, Cayuga, Wayne and Monroe Counties, have sent out a total of 11,645 absentee ballots, of which 8,344 have been sent back.

A spokesman for incumbant Dan Maffei says the Congressman will have no further comment because the votes have not yet been fully counted. Anne Marie Buerkle will be holding a news conference at her headquarters in Dewitt at 3:30.