Selecting the next hi-tech smartphone: Matt's Memo

I have a smartphone repair secret that I will share with you in a moment. I learned about this inventive solution to poor phone performance when suddenly people I was talking with could not seem to hear my voice. I heard them fine, but they said I sounded so distant they could barely understand me.

Verizon Wireless' customer service representative walked me through a few reset options over the phone. She could not have been friendlier and more enthusiastic in searching for a remedy. Ultimately, after pulling the battery from the back of the Motorola Droid, the standard power up and power down option, she informed me it was time to purchase a new phone.

I was willing to take the leap as I have been considering an upgrade on this two year old technology. That is like a decade in this quickly advancing world of smartphone technology.

I went to a local Verizon store to pursue options. Another helpful customer service rep suggested my phone just might be fixable. He thought the microphone just might be dirty and in need of cleaning. He took out a tiny, shiny tool. He carefully poked into the microphone opening. We tested the phone. It was not fixed, but it was slightly better. He suggested I try a toothbrush with dry bristles when I went home.

A toothbrush is certainly a cheaper option when compared to a couple hundred dollars for an iPhone, a Samsung Galaxy or the latest Motorola Droid.

The next day I found a wirelss toothbrush at home that was well suited for this chore. A few brushes of the bristle and I tested the phone. It worked. Sounded like new.

The solution brought a mix of feelings. I had grown excited about the prospect of a new smartphone, but the pressure to buy one quickly had been released. I still plan to look and ultimately buy, but that toothbrush has bought me time to consider my options a little more carefully.


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