VIDEO: Boy who ran from clowns on Syracuse's North Side describes the encounter

10-year-old Treymel Mitchell says he was on his way to school Thursday morning when he saw a clown peering at him through the bushes.

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- A 10-year-old boy who says he ran away and called 911 after a clown approached him on Syracuse's North Side says he was afraid he was going to be kidnapped.

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"That's what I thought was happening from the beginning," Treymel Mitchell said as he looked back on his encounter. Mitchell says he was walking to school on Spring Street Thursday morning when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.

"I seen a clown who was peeking through the bushes," Mitchell recalled. He says when he tried to get a better look at the figure that was looking back at him, "that's when it walked out and started making hand gestures at me and it started staring at me."

Mitchell says at that point he ran away, hid between two nearby houses and called 911 for help. When police arrived they weren't able to find the clown, but they did speak with several other children who also said they had seen people dressed as clowns.

"One of my friends got chased through someone's backyard," Mitchell said. "He said it was a clown with all white on his face, it was face paint, and a cross on his head with, like, the sinister smile. Then there was another that had big shoes and it wasn't chasing them, it was just staring at them walking by."

Police say they have detailed descriptions of three suspects who they believe were harassing children while dressed as clowns. They say those actions are unlawful and there will be consequences for those suspects if they're found. Police have also increased patrols in the area where the clowns were spotted.

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