Check out the chickens! Our Blue Ribbon Award winner for Day 2 at the NYS Fair

Check out the chickens! Our Blue Ribbon Award winner for Day 2 at the NYS Fair

STATE FAIRGROUNDS -- After a year's absence because of the avian flu scare, there are birds on exhibit and in competition at the State Fair again this year.

In the Poultry, Rabbit and Cavie Building, about 1,000 birds are on display, including several types of chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pea fowl and more. John Pierce is the long-time superintendent, and will gladly answer fairgoers' questions---just look for the man in the orange Fair polo shirt.

Pierce tells us it's not just the curiosity factor. More people are interested, especially in chickens, because they want to get fresh eggs. Pierce says most towns allow small flocks, and even in the City of Syracuse it's legal to keep 10 birds.

In the Youth Building, Chicks at the Fair is also back.

4-H volunteers show off an incubator, and egg hatching, and also let fair-goers hold the newborn chicks (The babies are closely monitored and get lots of rest between being handled).

The 4-Hers say commonly asked question is how long does it take to hatch a chick? (21 days). The volunteers say it's about more than just holding a baby, it also teaches children to not be scared by trying something different or new.

It's definitely worth a visit, for kids and their parents, whose pictures are lasting memories. That's why it's the Blue Ribbon ward winner for Day 2 at the New York State Fair!

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