Day 1's Blue Ribbon Award winners at the NYS Fair are tasty!

Day 1's Blue Ribbon Award winners at the NYS Fair are tasty!

STATE FAIRGROUNDS -- What's the New York State Fair without some good food? We've picked out a couple of good bets as winners of our Blue Ribbon Award this year.

Blue Ribbon Award Winner: Potato Booth

First up is the potato booth; it's a different place in the Horticulture Building this year, but it did not take any time for crowds to find it and line up for the dollar deal - this year, in a more comfortable setting. There's more seating, and it's also air conditioned - good news for guests and the staff.

Perhaps the best part: the recirculated air smells like potatoes.

Once again this year there's a choice of potatoes. For every 10 white potatoes sold, the potato stand says it typically sells one or two sweet potatoes.

Blue Ribbon Award Winner: 25-cent milk

Our second pick also comes with long lines, but it's well worth the wait. They claim the cold cups of milk aren't just the most popular attraction in the Dairy Building, but at the whole fair.

We polled some of the people in line Thursday to get their preference; by an 8 to 1 ratio milk chuggers said they preferred chocolate to white milk.

The milk here is all from local farms, but not from the cows at the fair. They could never produce enough milk to keep up with demand. Instead, twelve 2,400 gallon tanks are filled each day to make sure they don't run out.

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