Teens looking for owner of ring found at bottom of Green Lakes State Park

Teens looking for owner of ring found at bottom of Green Lakes State Park

FAYETTEVILLE, N.Y. -- It was a one in a million chance. Maybe one in a billion. While swimming at Green Lakes State Park in Fayetteville, 13 year-olds Brandon Barlow and Derek Sabatini decided to dive in and see if they could touch the bottom. The teens thought maybe they could grab a rock or two.

At a depth of 15 feet, that is not easy.

"So I just grabbed some sand in hopes that maybe there would be a stick in there or something," said Brandon. "Set it down in a pile where we put everything and then I realized - I don't know why the sand is shining"

Glimmering on the side of the lake was a uniquely crafted ring. Inscribed inside it said "My love for you is endless."

"Out of all the spots we looked and all the spots he could have grabbed, he grabbed the one part where there is a ring," said Derek.

It was the beginning of a mystery the boys are determined to solve. It appears to be a wedding band, possibly from the most important day in two people's lives - and believed to be lost forever.

"Maybe they had their wedding there, maybe they were swimming, doing whatever and they lost it. So there are a lot of paths that could lead to the answer," said Brandon.

There is a date on the ring but the boys are not sharing it. Brandon says they are saving that information to make sure the ring goes back to its rightful owner.

"So if somebody said they wanted it, I could say what is the date on the inside? Because you at least know your own anniversary," said Brandon.

One piece of the mystery will always stick with Brandon. Was it fate? Did he find the ring or did the ring find him?

"My mom said the same thing. She thought maybe I could get married there someday or something. Maybe that was a sign or something," said Brandon.

If they could find a ring buried in sand fifteen feet below the water, they know can find who it belongs to.

The teens have put information about the ring up on Facebook. If you think you might know who it belongs to, you can reach out to them there.

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