Toyota High School Athletes of the Week- Skaneateles Girls Hockey is on fire

Skaneateles Girls Hockey may just be the best team in New York State.

Undefeated this year, only one win decided by less than three goals.

The definition of domination.

"I think we've been so successful because of how well we work with each other and how close we've all gotten. Throughout the past few years, we've been playing with each other for three, four and five years" says junior forward Abby Kuhns.

"We just work really hard -- everyone does. We just put forth all of our effort in practice and during games" sophomore Megan Teachout adds.

The varsity level of girls hockey does present challenges, namely, schools that compete are few and far between meaning the Lakers travel as far as Plattsburgh and Lake Placid.

Sometimes, road trips have to be made during the week.

"We were on the road the last two weekends up to Plattsburgh and Lake Placid the weekend before that. So it is a lot of travel and even during the week, we went up to Alexandria Bay. So it's challenging for the girls, too, to keep up with their school work, as well as the travel and the hockey and the practices. So it does add an extra challenge" says Head Coach Andy Rozak.

It's a challenge paying dividends to be sure, perhaps even as far as March if the Lakers can capture a New York State Championship.

An accomplishment that would add even more to the tradition in Skaneateles.

Rozak agrees.

"Hockey's very popular. It's a big sport both at the youth level and at the high school level. It's very popular. We get great support from the community. Can't say enough about how many people come out and support both the boys and the girls teams"

Congratulations to the Skaneateles Girls Hockey team, our Toyota High School Athletes of the Week.

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