#1 ranked football recruit in New York Thomas Holley visits Syracuse University

Thomas Holley

Thomas Holley is impressive in every aspect of the word.

At first site, the 6-foot-4 inch 298 pound defensive tackle is a mountain of a young man.

Then, upon greeting you with a classic handshake grip and the polite mannerisms of his introduction you're even more impressed.

The Queens resident plays for Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn, where 2011 SU target Ishaq Williams went to school.

Holley is the top ranked recruit in all of New York State for the Class of 2014. He's garnered over two dozen scholarship offers including one from Alabama and Nick Saban, who called Holley to offer him a full ride a mere couple days after Holley sent out his initial highlight tape.

Oh, and by the way, Holley has only been playing organized football for a couple years.

Typically, when you have a prospect with such little history in the game they tend to be a bit raw. Not Holley.

He looks like a natural out there, terrorizing quarterbacks and running backs and throwing them down in a heap.

For proof, here's his highlight tape, courtesy

So, yes, it's a big deal that the 5 star was in the Salt City. But what's more is that the Orange, and our city made an impression on the high school senior-to-be.

Holley talked with a smile about his lifelong friendship with current Orange quarterback Terrel Hunt.

He told us that he spoke with SU Head Coach Scott Shafer during his visit, and Shafer told Thomas "You know, we went from needing you. Now, we want you".

No question, that sentiment is echoed by all of Orange Nation.

Maybe it will come to fruition. Only time will tell, as Syracuse battles just about the rest of the nation for Holley's services.