2013 Fan Fest a hit for Syracuse Football fans

It's become a staple of the preason practice scene for Syracuse Football, and in 2013, the Orange may have had its best turnout yet.

Fans flocked to bleachers around the practice fields behind Manley Field House to get a sneak peak at the new look Syracuse Orange.

No doubt, that support was a very welcomed sight for first year head coach Scott Shafer

"It was great. I was worried we were going to get some rain, but it held out for the most part. You know, great turn out. And, we just appreciate the fans coming out" Shafer said.

Of course while the team did sign autographs and meet fans there was business to attend to with the season opener against Penn State looming in three weeks.

"You know we got a lot of holes to fill, a lot of positions. Kids are working hard. And, the fans motivated the kids to push through what looked like a tough practice. You know, we've had a good hard week. Been doing a lot of running and I thought they pushed through that thing really well" Shafer added.

The Orange has a busy schedule ahead, starting with next week. SU heads to Fort Drum from Tuesday through Friday to train on the military base with the brave men and women who defend our nation.