2014 is off and running: Matt's Memo

Post- run, Matt Mulcahy.


n the snow covered roads each small step down the hill is carefully measured. My well worn Brooks running shoes surely are not designed with snow treads, but they're doing the trick. The protective eye glasses seemed like a good idea to protect my skin from the frigid wind. Eventually the blowing snow and ice build up forced me to stow the glasses in a pocket.

These running conditions were anything but ideal. Yet, they did provide a challenge. I think that's what I liked about being out in the wintry swirl. As the New Year of 2014 gets rolling this weather has provided a test.

Running on a snow covered street demands agility of the feet and the mind. Decisions comes one after another. A cleared path by the tread of a sport utility vehicle suddenly turns into a snow pile left by a plow. As an oncoming car or truck approaches the runner must assume the worst and find a safe path even if it means trudging through deeper terrain.

That's the physical. That's the immediate challenge while clicking off a few miles and getting in the work out. Then there is the mental, the tranquility that comes with a winter run.

Runners, cyclists or cross country skiers will surely relate. You're finding your stride. You're experiencing the outdoors. You're giving yourself time to think.

There is rare clarity that can come when meeting this type of challenge. Focus comes easily on problems that seem large or even those which are small. Creativity can be unleashed while exercising discipline and commitment.

That sense of peace and thoughtfulness also can come on sunny days with sixty degree temperatures. But, that aura is even more welcome as a respite when the wind is biting at your cheeks and there are miles to go before your home.


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