50 Years later, Manley Field House returns to roots

Manley Field House is undergoing a complete makeover. For years, it's been known as a basketball arena, housing the Orange men in the 1970's and the Orange women up until a few years ago but what many don't know is that when the facility was built 50 years ago, it was meant to be an indoor football practice facility. Thanks to the creation of the "Melo Center", Manley has now been freed up for its original purpose. While its use will not be limited to footballl; lacrosse will use the field turf too and several other sports from field hockey to track to softball will all use it as well, truly this transformation is a huge step forward for SU Athletics.

Many times throughout the fall or spring when the Carrier Dome is set up for basketball games, some teams would have to share limited space in the Dome to practice in, now that will become a thing of the past.

If you look at the video, it's clear that the transformation isn't done yet. Bleachers have been removed, so has the basketball court. The change is expected to be complete and ready to go by September, while more changes will be added in the future if need be, like changes with windows that circle the complex, the facility will be fully functional by the fall season.