A crane for a tree: Matt's Memo

News construction at St. Joseph's hospital.

Do you ever have those head turning moments? I was driving into downtown Syracuse on Route 81 from the north this afternoon. I looked to my left and saw a Christmas tree dangling in the air. It was suspended from a giant construction crane high above the latest St. Joseph's Hospital expansion. It made me wonder what was it doing there?

After struggling to squeeze or hefty blue spruce through the garage entrance into the living room yesterday I felt a touch of envy that someone had a giant crane to help them lift the tree. Then I looked toward the top of the building project and realized the tree wasn't being lowered down. That's because the structure under the tree wasn't fully built yet.

I got off the highway determined to take a picture of this unique image. I had my camera in the car on standby. I used the telephoto lens to get an interesting shot. Once back at the television station I Tweeted and Facebooked the picture.

I immediately heard from St. Joseph's public relations social media fanatic Kerry Ganci. She loved the picture and dug deeper into why it was there. She found out contractors Hayner Hoyt and Raulli were doing it to get into the Christmas spirit. During other times of the year construction crews might wave the American flag during down time for the crane.

If you're in the area of Syracuse's north side tomorrow turn your head to take a look. Or just check out the picture right here.

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