A note of thanks and credit to newscast producers

There are reliable moments in any given day in a newsroom. For the last couple of years one of those moments comes when our nightside producer Jacquie Adams blurts out. "Matt, do you have any Matt's Memo responses tonight?" Sometimes it's a yes other times it's a no. But, the question always comes. It is part of the thorough, dependable excellence we have come to rely on from Jacquie as she manages the nightside swirl of our newsroom.

Those of you who are not in the television news business might wonder what a producer does. They are the people that make a newscast happen. They are editors, writers, assignment editors, graphic producers, timers, stackers, communicators and most of all journalists. I should not leave out phone answerer, web poster and social media updater. You will rarely see them on the air. They rarely get the glory, yet they deserve most of it.

Producers have to think and act quickly. They have to withstand the pressure of an unrelenting clock that allows no time to move deadlines and no extra time for a newscast to bleed into the next program. They have to be leaders who command while also adjusting to orders from above on a moment's notice. They must be thoughtful, yet speedy. Informed, yet not paralyzed by too much information. They must be disciplined, yet flexible.

I single out Jacquie as one of our best as she is in her last few days of working at the station before moving closer to home in Virginia. She will find success in her new home just as she did in Syracuse. But, just as I offer her praise I also must offer gratitude to the others who remain. Some have been with us for a while like Nate and Alice. Others are newer like Katie, Charles, Marianna and Ben. Not to mention the anchors who are also tasked with producing newscasts like a skilled juggler keeping all the balls in the air.

In case you wonder how all of our producers get so good at their jobs. They learn from all the strong producers who came before them. Thank you to them all. We don't say it enough.


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