Afternoon Syracuse stabbing: Matt's Memo

Gertrude Street home in Syracuse.

The chatter of the police scanner broke through the click of keyboards in the newsroom. The dispatcher called for emergency help to Gertrude Street near Lodi. A woman dialed 911. She said she had been stabbed. The next call was from a neighbor who saw a man running from the house.

It's important to note that we do not report information on the air or online based on what we hear over the emergency radios. But, it does give us guidance about where to send a reporter, photographer and live unit to cover breaking spot news. The talk escalated. The first responders rushed along the ambulance. We rushed multi-media journalist Tom Eschen out the door.

Tom arrived to find a bee hive of activity. It became apparent we needed to add a live report in our 5:00 newscast. We redirected photographer Brian Erb from the university area to Gertrude Street in the Hawley Green district. Other staffing options were considered to add reinforcements. We discussed options for getting the video on the air that Tom had shot. All the while the clock was ticking closer to 5:00 pm.

With less than one minute to spare producer Streeter Kelley established communication with Tom and Brian at the scene. Tom was sharing the story of the woman who had been stabbed and now was dead.

The reason it was such a close call in getting the live shot into the broadcast. Photographer Brian Erb had come across a secondary crime scene as he traveled across town. It's likely he witness the arrest of the man who will be charged with killing the 38 year old woman who was killed.

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