Ashton Broyld's biggest imrpovement comes off the field

Ashton Broyld

It's hard to believe but by the end of the next work week, the Syracuse Orange Football team will be playing in its season opener against Villanova (7:30 p.m./ESPN 3).

And while it's a safe bet, that in that game on August 29th you'll see Ashton Broyld, the man you will see out there will be different.

Ashton will still be that super-athletic and shifty playmaker we've become accustomed to seeing, but he tells me his attitude has changed.

"We all get in those moments and situations where we lose it and I've caught myself in those situations and I've been thinking about my actions before something happens and you know it's really working for me, and I think it's helping the team out too" Broyld says.

Add that to Ashton's resume, which already includes more than 500 receiving yards and nearly 200 rushing yards in two seasons and suddenly, there's no telling how far Broyld will go.

Or, maybe there is- It's however far Ashton carries himself.

"You know I'm just a different person. To be honest, I'm comfortable everywhere now, I've got the hang of it, outside, inside and I know all the plays and I'm ready to roll" Ashton says.

That's the best news Orange fans could hope for.

Broyld, not only is ready to go no matter where he's lined up (which has been at several different positions since 2012), he's also ready to be a different man and help the Orange as much as he can.