Attack at dusk, watch out hornet's nest: Matt's Memo

The directions on the can of Raid say wait until dusk to attack. The fine print promises a spraying safe range of at least ten feet. Considering the kickball size of the hornet's nest I decided to move in closer to increase the chances of a full kill. I also armed myself with a long broom.

The image is set. Spray can in left hand. Broom in right. Still wearing a shirt and tie from work. I carefully approached the nest that had sprung up on just one day under an over hang about three feet above the ground in the back of the house.

First I sprayed. The hornets started to drunkenly stumble out of the nest. Then I started to poke with the butt end of the broom. Sprayed. Poked. Sprayed again. Then knocked the devastated nest to the ground.

Hornets who had been enjoying time away from home started to return to see the result of the onslaught. I observed the next class of hornet pupae in the wreckage.

My adrenalin levels had peaked preparing for a fight or flight response. Fight worked. Flight was not needed. That would have been something if the hornets all bonded together like a Bugs Bunny cartoon and formed the shape of an arrow as they chased me through the yard.

Unfortunately for the hornets this was not a cartoon. Mission accomplished.

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