Baby pigs are stars of the Fair: Matt's Memo

Baby pigs at the New York State Fair.

Large white foam core signs dangle from the eves of the swine bar on the grounds of the Fair directing you toward the "Baby Pigs". The signs are hardly needed. It's the buzz surrounding the four or five pig pens that more effectively tips you to the presence of baby pigs in the barn.

They spend most of their day suckling up to the sow typically eight to ten piglets at a time. They crawl over each other. They nudge their brothers and sisters off one teat and move to the next.

At times there is an obvious runt to the litter. That's true right now for one new litter. In that pen some of the piglets push around the runt. Others seem to offer him protection. These instinctual behaviors mimic human tendencies seen at the early stages of life on a playground.

It is no picnic being a sow. They slurp their desperately needed feed from the trough to find energy to continue to the mass nursing required to keep the litter growing strong.

The entertainment value is high. The educational opportunity is rich. Take a break from the Midway or the beer tent and step inside. You'll have no problem finding the pens with the baby pigs inside.

Here's a link to your hand Swine Schedule for the Fair. View a slide show of some of the baby pigs at the Fair.

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