Big East NCAA Tournament Bubble Watch Updated 2/28

A lot can change but a few Big East teams (I'm looking at you Seton Hall) need to take care of business and lock up an at large bid.

Locks -





Should Be In If The Tournament Started Today -

Notre Dame (20-10) RPI # 43 - The Irish could have been a lock but after a loss to a bad St. John's team and a blowout loss to Georgetown, a few legit questions are lingering. I don't think Notre Dame is really in much danger of missing the tournament but their seed is dropping fast.

Seton Hall (19-10) RPI # 46 - Seton Hall should feel pretty good and looked like a near lock after beating Georgetown. Then they lost to Rutgers. Ouch. If Seton Hall beats DePaul in the regular season finale, they should be able to get into the tournament. One or two wins in the Big East Tournament would also help boost that shaky RPI a bit.

Bubble Territory But Leaning In -

South Florida (17-11) RPI #45 - South Florida's record doesn't look all that impressive but they are an eye popping 11-5 in the Big East. The Bulls have played a relatively soft Big East schedule up to this point and still need a big time win to build their profile. South Florida's win over Cincinnati might be just good enough to convince the selection committee they belong in the tournament over a few other bubble dwellers. If they finish the regular season with a win against West Virginia at home, it will be very hard to keep the Bulls out.

West Virginia (18-12) RPI # 53 - West Virginia needs to beat South Florida in the season finale and whoever they play in their first Big East Tournament game to keep their NCAA hopes alive. WV is falling apart fast and barely hanging onto a bid at this point. Too much pressure is put on late season games but the Mountaineers should not feel safe right now.

Bubble Territory Leaning Out -

Connecticut (17-12) RPI # 35 - UConn is one of the stranger bubble teams out there. The great RPI would seem to make them a solid lock but the sloppy play is killing them. A terrible loss to Providence on Tuesday night leaves UConn with a 7-10 record in the Big East and I just don't see why anyone on the selection committee would advocate for the Huskies right now. A few Big East Tournament wins could resuscitate UConn's chances but the NIT looks like a safer bet. (Note - ESPN's Bracketology has UConn as a #10 seed. That is patently ridiculous as of right now.)

Cincinnati (20 -9) RPI # 78 - Cincinnati will be a Selection Sunday headache unless they win the Big East Tournament. They have a terrible RPI and a ridiculously awful strength of schedule (#109) but did manage a 10- 6 Big East record so far. One thing is certain - if Cincinnati misses the tournament, a lot of the blame should fall on the athletic department for giving them such a terrible schedule. If you want to be taken seriously in major conference college basketball, you can't have a strength of schedule below 100. The players can only play the games but they didn't decide to put Arkansas Pine Bluff on the schedule.

Need A Miracle at the Garden -



St. John's