Black Monday at the Post-Standard: Matt's Memo

Our friends at the Syracuse Post-Standard who learned today they are losing their jobs should hold their heads high. Getting that call into the office knowing you will receive bad news is enough to make you sick. It's enough to put you into a cold sweat. It's enough to move mature adults to tears.

The new management of what used to be 'the paper' explains the economic reasons for the change, but it still hurts to know your life's work is being torn apart and put back together in a form you will not recognize. The change is hard to stomach even though you saw it coming.

You are likely left with a folder explaining how you will exit the company. It may have information about an end date, or severance or even the mode for applying for a job in the new digital world. But, there's another folder that carries much more meaning. It's the one that carries your dedication, commitment and professionalism.

Those are the qualities you built working side by side with some of the best news people in the country who chose to make Syracuse home. Those are the qualities built working crazy hours over countless nights and weekends. Those are the qualities that will follow you out the door into your next phase of life.

The new management may take away your byline, but they cannot take away who you are. That is the great asset that will be missed by our community. We will miss the quality people behind those names that have reliably reported the news in a paper with roots that go back 183 years in Syracuse. Do you think 183 years from now anyone will refer to the website that dates back that far?

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