Blizzard of '93 twenty years later: Matt's Memo

We worked around the clock serving the public. We delivered life saving information. It was a true state of emergency. Twenty years ago this week the Blizzard of '93 blew into Central New York and created an unforgettable experience for a community snowed in with little else to do, but turn on the television to see what was going on outside.

This storm hit us on Saturday and Sunday March 13th and 14th. Channel 3 management entrusted the weekend staff to handle the storm of the century. I anchored, produced, reported and teamed up with our talented team to bring the best coverage of critical information. Our newsroom phone rang incessantly. Closings, shutdowns, travel advisories.

It's amazing how much technology has changed during that period. There were no websites or social media. Our fax machine was hardly used. We called people. People called us. We sent reporters and photographers out to get stories. We took to the airwaves and hardly let go.

By the end of the weekend we were past our waist in snow. We assembled what turned out to be an award winning special to recap the memorable weekend. There's a link to it below. Watch and remember. Share your reflections of the Blizzard of '93: the Storm to Tell Your Grandchildren About.


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