Boeheim talks about Southerland-- and pilates on ESPN

Jim Boeheim joined ESPN's Sportscenter on Monday, his intent was to promote the Jim & Juli Boeheim Foundation for The Infiniti Coaches Challenge

Fans can vote here to lend their support for the foundation.

Boeheim was interviewed by ESPN's Hannah Storm where he did shed some light on James Southerland's status.

"I think it can be resolved. I think it's an issue you have to go through, and James is going through it. It's sad because he's worked so hard for four years to be at a point where he's an intregral part of the team and I really just feel bad for him, moreso than the team."

Storm followed up by asking Boeheim if Southerland could return this season, to which Jim replied "yes".

Jerami Grant stepped up in a big way for the Orange in its win over Villanova on Saturday, and that will be clutch with a date against #1 Louisville coming up on Saturday.

Later in the interview, Storm said Boeheim was in great shape at 68 years old because of pilates.

"It's no secret, four months of pilates!" proclaimed Boeheim. "My wife laughed, I laughed....four months and I've never felt better." Boeheim said.

He also added that he hears the four months of pilates will add 30 yards to his drive on the golf course, Boeheim joked that if that was the case, maybe if he added two more months, he'd hit it 50 yards further.