Businesses that succeed in Central New York: Matt's Memo

Matt Mulcahy moderates Family Business Center morning discussion.

There is reason to believe in the economic future of the greater Syracuse area. Over the last week I have had two occassions where I moderated and led discussions about business challenges and success. One group was a gathering of some of the leading family owned businesses in our community. The other was a day long trade show focusing on small businesses.

The New York Family Business Center organized the sessions that assembled founders and CEO's of businesses like Hanford Pharamceuticals, Schneider Packaging and United Radio. These are families that have owned the company for at least two generations and as many as six. They are committed to operating in Central New York. They have all learned to adapt and change along with their customers needs.

Today's business event was the small business show SOHO Syracuse. It took over the main exhibit spac e in the OnCenter downtown. That break out group had a panel of politicians and economic development specialists from different levels of government. The big take away message from the panel was this. If you are starting a small business or considering expansion it is critical that you reach out to the economic development people in your community. There is help for you that comes in many forms from guidance to capital.

The City of Syracuse and Onondaga County economic development offices share the same space. They work together. It doesn't matter which one you call first, somehow they will make sure you end up in the right place to tap into assistance.

Whether family business or small business I have come across multiple stories of success. Add in a dash of entrepreneurship and the potential increases greatly of growing our local economy and the interest of workers to locate here.


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