Catching up with the SU quarterbacks- John Kinder

John Kinder playing for Inwood High School in 2009.

Spring Football may be over for SU Football, but the anticipation is just beginning to build as to who will replace Ryan Nassib as the Orange's next starting quarterback.

Others point to Terrel Hunt separating himself from the pack in spring ball and others point to Drew Allen, the Oklahoma transfer.

The bottom line though- Scott Shafer hasn't named a starter and will not do so until fall practices commence in August.

This week we'll break down all of the candidates and what they bring to the table.

Well start with John Kinder who drew comparison to Donny McPherson in high school. A fellow Long Islander, Kinder displays dazzling speed and seems like a pretty good fit for the new look Syracuse Orange offense.

In fact, while backing up Nassib, Kinder was often used as the scout team quarterback. Former Head Coach Doug Marrone used to speak of Kinder's ability to emulate mobile, dangerous quarterbacks like Collin Klein, B.J. Daniels and Geno Smith to name a few.

He even drew praise from Nassib as a true freshman in practice.

As time has gone in, for some reason or another, Kinder was at least the 3rd stringer behind Nassib, Loeb and even Hunt. But that's in the past and Kinder's ready to assume the vacated spot.

He says his "positivity" and "ability to lead" are his strong points, and those that separate him from the rest of the pack.

A mature demeanor too, when I said, "You want the job?" Kinder without hesitation said "Yes, sir. I'm ready. I know I am."

Kinder stands at 6'2" and weighs in at 191 lbs. Some fans wonder if he could contribute at another position if quarterback didn't pan out. There's no doubt that athletically speaking he could, but let's remember this guy is very talented and looks to earn his shot this August.

No doubt though, the competition will be stiff but judging on Kinder's character, he will fight to the finish hoping that he's under center in Syracuse's inaugural season in the ACC.