Could Syracuse Football win the Big East and make a BCS bowl?

It's mathematically possible.

Syracuse Orange Football has a chance to win a share of a Big East championship, and possibly a bid to a BCS bowl.

Here's why:

With Rutgers and Louisville falling on Saturday the Big East has a logjam at the top of its standings. 1st place Rutgers is 5-1, followed by 5-2 Syracuse in 2nd, with Louisville and Cincinnati behind them at 4-2.

Louisville plays Rutgers in the season finale on Thursday, should the Cardinals win that game and should Cincinnati fall to Connecticut then there would be a 3-way tie for the Big East championship.

In that scenario, Rutgers, Louisville, and Syracuse would all technically be Big East champions, marking the 5th time in school history SU would win such a title.

But who would earn the conference's automatic BCS bid?

That's where it gets complicated.

Since SU, Louisville and Rutgers would all have a 1-1 record against each other, the tie breaker would come down to BCS rankings. Whoever has the highest BCS rank among the three schools would head to the BCS (most likely the Orange or Fiesta Bowl).

Heading into the weekend Syracuse was #43 in the BCS while Louisville and Rutgers were 20th and 18th respectively. The Cardinals' and Scarlet Knights' rankings will fall drastically after losses to teams with ranks north of 80 (UConn and Pitt) Saturday, while SU's should rise slightly after its win over Temple.

In the scenario presented, Rutgers would fall further after another loss to Louisville, but the Cards rank would rise after a potential win over RU and that's what make SU's BCS bid a bit of a stretch at this point.

However, there would be some sweet poetic justice in Syracuse winning a Big East championship, albeit a share of one, in its final season in the conference it helped to create. Not only that but given where this program was just four years ago, heck, where this program was at 2-4 on the season after six games, it's an incredible achievement that we're even discussing such a scenario.

So, keep an eye on Monday's BCS computer rankings, and the Louisville vs. Rutgers game on Thursday.