Definition of inspiration- SU student who never met Rob Edson makes shirts in his honor

Michael Tricarico

Michael Tricarico personifies the kind of inspiration that one would get from the presence of Rob Edson.

Edson tragically passed away last Saturday. His passing was a true shock for the Central New York community and resulted in an outpouring of support for his wife Sue and two children.

Included in that outpouring of support was Tricarico.

Tricarico never met Edson, and is in just his first year of studies at Syracuse University.

Still, he felt compelled to act, in seeing what Rob Edson meant to the community.

So, on Thursday night, Michael on a whim put out a call to Holy Shirt! in Syracuse.

He wanted to create a t-shirt that would allow supporters to actually wear "Rise up for Rob" a hashtag that has become synonymous with the act of being inspired by Rob.

The proceeds from selling these shirts, would go to a scholarship fund being set up in Rob's name, Michael decided.

Michael called nearly 2 hours after the local printing company closes its doors for business for the day.

Perhaps it was fate, or something else, but company owner John Groat was still working.

He answered the phone, and was absolutely willing to help.

The next issue, especially considering it was less than 40 hours away from SU's home game with Tulane, was how would Michael find the funds to produce as many shirts as needed.

Again---call it fate or something more, but another guardian angel came to help Tricarico's cause.

Peter Sala, the managing director of the Carrier Dome and a very close friend of Rob's told Michael he'd front the necessary funds to get this project jump started.

Today, Michael tells me that he's sold well over 300 shirts, with a little over 100 shirts left in this "batch". The shirts are so popular, Michael anticipates needing to order more.

Tricarico is selling the shirts for $5, he and Sala came up with the price in an effort to just get as many out there as possible. And, again, all of the proceeds will go to the scholarship fund being set up in Rob Edson's name.

You can contact Michael to buy a shirt via Twitter. His Twitter handle is @Trickycns7

His email address is

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