Doug Marrone reaches out to his former SU players

It's been the one gripe Syracuse Orange fans have had about Doug Marrone's departure to the NFL, the apparent lack of communication and shock seen in the current Orange players.

According to The Daily Orange Marrone has finally been able to reach out to his Orange players via an email. The contents of that message is in that Daily Orange link.

One excerpt from the text says "I am very sorry that I havenâ??t had an opportunity to speak to you in person regarding my move to the Buffalo Bills. It happened very quickly when I was not in Syracuse, and when most of you were not in Syracuse. I will explain everything in depth when I meet with you in-person this weekend."

The team is expected to meet on Sunday with Coach Marrone and the rest of the staff in person.

No official word has come from Syracuse Athletics, regarding the potential successor to Marrone widely rumored to be Scott Shafer.