Empathy for a brave mother:Matt's Memo

The young mother bravely sat under the television lights, neatly dressed, she presented herself as composed, bright and articulate. Danielle Deming was just two months removed from having her two year old little girl taken from her by the crush of a falling television in her Eastwood living room. Deming agreed to share the most personal details of the most terrible moment in the hope that other families would be spared such a loss.

Deming explained how her happy go lucky daughter Amaya Boudreaut must have climbed on the bottom drawer of the armoir that held that old tube television. The cabinet suddenly was out of balance. The television crashed down on Amaya's head. In the interview Deming tears up as she recalls have to shove the television off her daughter. She already knew the end of a life too short had come.

It is a story nearly too difficult to read, too difficult to watch. Our viewers felt the same as we have in our own newsroom. We are saddened by the Amaya's untimely death. Yet, we are also impressed by her courageous mother who can find the strength to share her story.

I am not the only who who had never considered the potential risk of an ordinary television sitting three or feet above the ground. We certainly have now. We wish Deming and her family every bit of strength.

Watch Dora Scheidell's interview with Danielle Deming.

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