Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston part of sexual assault investigation

Jameis Winston (AP Photo)

Syracuse Football's opponent on Saturday is dealing with a serious off the field issue tonight.

Florida State's star quarterback Jameis Winston is under investigation in connection with a sexual assualt complaint.

The investigation actually started nearly a year ago, based on an incident that allegedly occured in December of 2012.

According to reports on and CBS Sports, Tallahassee Police received a sexual assault complaint on December 7, 2012. For some reason though, just this week, the report was handed to the State Attorney for the 2nd Judicial Circuit.

The report does not name Winston, and describes the suspect as between 5'9" and 5'11". Winston is 6'4", but again, he is part of the investigation.

Florida State officials will not comment on the incident, citing the in-progress investigation.

However, the school made one thing clear, Winston's status with the team is unchanged--meaning he will play for the Seminoles against the Orange on Saturday.