Follow up to Mia

Mia Burse is concerned for her future in Syracuse.

The essence of the race for Syracuse mayor came out in the letter from Mia that I told you about yesterday. She's 26 years old and is teetering on whether she should stay in the area. When she watched our debate between the candidates for mayor of Syracuse she hoped to find a reason to stay - instead she was left wondering whether she should leave.

The readers of Matt's Memo appreciated her dilemma and were not shy about offering advice or commentary on what I suggested she do. One reader who moved from Syracuse to Schenectady wishes he was back. He encouraged her to take advantage of what Syracuse has to offer. Another Syracuse transplant who moved to Colorado shouted from the top of his lungs that she should move, and move fast. He blamed New York State and taxes.

One reader of the blog optimistically pointed to the benefits of living in the area. She wanted Mia to understand the benefits of the beautiful geography, but more importantly the people of the region. Her buoyancy was tempered by another woman who has not shared in such a positive experience. She wants Mia to leave before she's trapped in a poorly run city.

Mia even e-mailed me with more ideas of what she wants from the next mayor. She wrote the following:

My generation's pretty fickle, unlike our baby-boomer parents. If we don't like our jobs, we'll actively look for another one. If we don't like our social or cultural atmospheres, we'll go to a city that can give us what we're looking for. What plan is the next mayor executing that keeps me interested long enough to want to call Syracuse home permanently? Is the next mayor even paying attention to me? Will they affect change with my best interest in mind? After all, if my generation is not happy and we leave, who will be left to pass the torch to?

Some say this is a city at a tipping point. The concerns of a 26 year old reflect the essence of the decision that lies ahead and the feedback from people live here show a community divided over whether it's worth staying.

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