Freshman linebacker Cater showed potential vs. Maine

Malcolm Cater (photo courtesy: SU Athletics)

There were plenty of things that stood out in the SU-Maine game on Saturday, one of them was the hard hits from true freshman linebacker Malcolm Cater. Cater leveled several opponents, including what he described as a "clothesline" hit on a kickoff return and a thundering sack that actually caused Maine's backup quarterback to lose his helmet.

All in all, Cater finished with 5 tackles, two of which were for losses. The game showcased Cater in traditional offense vs. defense situations, he's been playing well on special teams since the Akron game. For many Orange fans, the great performance was a great sign of the future, as SU will lose two starting linebackers in Doug Hogue and Derrell Smith. Cater almost ended up being a rival of the Orange, as he heavily considered Rutgers before making a decision he says he is extremely happy with in signing with the Orange.