Here comes the Mountain Goat: Matt's Memo

Mike McManus and Matt Mulcahy running the final stretch of the Mountain Goat.

Matt's Memo blog from running the goat in 2009. Details about Mountain Goat 2012 run.

The buzz will build from the parking lots and streets surrounding Syracuseâ??s Clinton Square early Sunday morning. Runners will pin on bibs with identifying numerals. They will stretch, warm up and seek out one last stop at a bathroom or port-a-john. As the 10:20 a.m. start time ticks closer more than 2,000 runners will assemble at the starting line. They will listen to our National Anthem. They will feel the exhilaration. Then, the gun will sound and theyâ??re off.

At that moment every runnerâ??s legs feel as if they can fly. The adrenalin surge is powerful and demands restraint to avoid over exertion too soon in a 10 mile race that will stretch over an hour or closer to two depending on the ability and training level of the runner. Each and every runner should realize that morning how blessed they are simply to participate.

Most have run at least 25 to 30 miles a week since early in the year. The elites in front likely approach 100 miles. Many have already run a marathon this year or will soon run one. I regretfully will be on the sidelines as I have only recently returned to running after rehabilitating a high ankle sprain from the end of January.

This is an event that should be fully embraced by all of Syracuse and Central New York. It is a demanding run. It is exciting to watch. It breathes life into the core of our city and delivers runners and excitement into some of our best and some of our worst neighborhood. Yet, during the race there is little time to distinguish good from bad. It is all part of the course.

Credit goes to our friends at Fleet Feet Syracuse who have become the lead organizers of an army of volunteers who make this event happen.

Congratulations to all who have helped, to all who will run and to the gifted men and women in the front of the pack who have a chance at the prize money.

Take some time to enjoy watching the race and cheering finishers in Clinton Square. You will surely see Syracuse in a way you have not seen her before.

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