Here comes the weather: Matt's Memo

Snowy scenes like this have yet to arrive.

Remember this, the first month of fall was spectacular for Central New York. We were spoiled with temperatures that occassionally hit the 70's. They often lingered in the 60's. We had enough rain, but more than our share of sun. I remind you of these loosely collected weather facts as preparation for the pictures of snow we will see Thursday in the classic lake effect zone.

East of Lake Ontario in the elevated area known as the Tug Hill plateau our meteorology team is expecting some towns to be measuring heavy wet snow in inches. It may be enough to drag down a few power lines and tree limbs that are still bearing the weight of mid-autumn leaves.

If you're not in the lake effect zone you will notice the chillier temperatures. Wayne Mahar and Mike Brookins did not paint any daily highs out of the 50's for the next week and the night time lows often dip into the 30's. The season is changing.

So remember we started fall with near perfection. Things could get a bit messier from here.

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