Holy Shirt! prints its We are SU, We are #1 Shirts

A look at Holy Shirt's creation

Holy Shirt! has been known over the years to create classic t-shirts commemorating big moments in Syracuse Athletics history. One of those shirts was created in March of 2010 when the Orange basketball team captured the #1 ranking, those very shirts are back here in the final month of 2011.

Syracuse is #1 in the country and fans, after worrying about things off the court, can show their pride for on the court happenings with the shirts.

They are available at the SU bookstore and Herb Phillipson locations, as well as some stores in local malls.

"This is an unexpected basket of cheer" says Holy Shirt's Jon Groat. He went on to say "We couldn't be happier and we're thrilled that people have a nice way to show their orange pride this holiday season".

SU's next game is on the road Saturday at North Carolina State at 6:30 p.m.