Jim Boeheim saddened by apparent Big East breakup

Syracuse University's safety in conference realignment was secured when the Orange announced it was joining the ACC in September of 2011.

But that doesn't mean that Orange fans, and the man who has lived Syracuse Basketball for 50 years are happy, at all, about the apparent demise of the Big East.

CBS Sports is reporting that the Big East Catholic basketball schools (Providence, St. John's, Villanova, Georgetown, DePaul, Marquette, and Seton Hall) will break away from the current Big East, which is essentially UConn mixed with many former Conference USA and Mountain West schools.

Jim Boeheim is not happy about the Big East's fall and was very candid while talking with USA today saying "It has been a privilege to be in this conference, anyone who thinks I am not disappointed, that I am not sad that the Big East did not survive, they don't know me. I don't have any patience for those people."

Boeheim has been with the Big East since its inception in 1979 and no question the Big East helped make the Hall of Famer coach just that, a hall of famer. But Boeheim and the constantly successful teams helped the Big East from the get go be one of the best conferences in basketball.